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How long does it take to sponsor a spouse from India to come to Canada as Permanent residence?

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I am looking to sponsor my husband to come to Canada as permanent residence and live with me. We recently submitted our application and i have heard stories where in some couples had to wait for two or more years before their application was approved. i know some people who got their papers within 6 months but that was a long time ago when it was much easier to sponsor a spouse.
asked in Mississauga / Peel Region by Kate Hussain (198 points)

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1 Answer

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Initially long time ago, it used to take simply six months to process the application to sponsor spouse to come to Canada. But since there were a lot of fraud cases in the past wherein, people would sponsor other people from India to Canada and collects fees for doing such services, that the Canadian immigration began to be more strict and thorough in screening potential fraudulent cases. At that time, this type of fraudulent practises was common and there actually was a huge business running based on this promises to guarantee sponsorship to Canada. Thereafter, the waiting period have been extended and application papers were scrutinized and checked thoroughly before issuing permanent visas. Any slight hint of a fake marriages or illegal practises would end up with both the husband and wife to show up for an interview. That's where they nail the fraudulent people and reject their application. Nowadays, it usually takes a minimum of one full year before you get your permanent visas to Canada. Some people's cases could take up to two years, especially if the sponsoring person or the sponsored had been divorced in the past.
answered by Cheryl King (169 points)

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