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What is the best way to reduce high stress level in a person?

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There have been reports that Canadians are one of the people in the world who have high stress levels. it is true that Canadians have to worry about so many things in their personal lives such as Mortgage Payment, Auto Insurance, House Insurance, Gas prices, Electricity Bills, Natural Gas bills, and many more bills every month. The income for the Canadians aren't increasing as fast as inflation and at the end of the month, most people are left with very little savings or nothing at all. Many people even go into credit card debt because they wanted to spend on things and on family activities which can quickly add up. All these things causes a person's stress level to shoot up and bringing it down is not as easy as said.
asked in Mississauga / Peel Region by Kate Hussain (194 points)

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In order to reduce stress level in a person, you have to find out what your hobbies are. For example, if you like listening to music on your free time and that you find by listening to music, you become lost in your own beautiful world, then that is the best feelings you can have. Scientist have discovered that when people enjoy what they do, their body releases certain chemicals in their body which helps to reduce stress and resets the mind and body. It is very important to reset your mental mind and physical body if you want to reduce your stress level.

You should adopt a more healthy lifestyle such as exercising even for 30 minutes or more and then listening to music, watching TV, or painting, or whatever your feelings are at the moment. By doing so, you are helping your body reset your mind and your body releases chemicals which will prepare your body for another day of stress.
answered by Cheryl King (162 points)

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