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Which type of snow shovel pusher is the best and easiest to shovel snow during the Canadian Winter?

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There are so many types of snow shovel and snow pusher in the departmental store that it can become a daunting task to choose the best one. I like the snow blower machine which makes shovel snow fun but they are really expensive and can go up to CDN $700 minimum. Besides, those snow blowers machine uses quite a lot of electricity which can rapidly increase my electricity bills. For now, i can't afford those machine. I am only looking for a really simple snow shoveling tools or snow pusher within $100. The snow shovel should not be heavy or difficult to clear the snow off my driveway.
asked in City of Halifax by George Toby (156 points)

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1 Answer

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Snow Shovel

I personally like the "Garant Yukon Ergo G4 4-Way Snow Shovel" that you can buy from Lowes home improvement store. It allows you to do four things with the snow shovel and it cost round the same price as the other snow shovel. The best thing about it is that t reduces the stress on my body when shoveling snow outside during the winter. 

Here are the four features of the snow shovel:

  • Multi-purpose shovel ideal for pushing, shoveling, cleaning, and scraping snow
  • One-piece, ergonomic, lightweight, aluminum, multi-grip handle
  • Foot step and heavy-duty steel wear strip for added strength
  • Reversible to clean tight areas and spaces

Although this snow shovel may not have the best review on the internet but if you know how to use the shovel properly, then you will realise that it actually is a great tool to use. When shoveling snow, you must hold the snow shovel with both hands and use your body weight to push the snow shovel. If your snow shovel gets stuck, then you can use your right or left foot to step on the lower ledges of the shovel and push it with your legs. Your legs will be doing most of the work which reduces the stress on your arms.

However, once you have pushed the snow where you want it to be, you then use a smaller plastic snow shovel to scoop the snow onto your lawn. do not try to use the above Garant Yukon blue snow shovel because they tend to scoop up too much snow and makes it heavy to lift the shovel. Doing so, would give you pain on your shoulders and back.


answered by Cheryl King (169 points)

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