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What is a good face wash to use to remove oil on my face?

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i find that i usually get oily face by the end of my day. i tried using hand soap on my face but it made me get small red marks on my face. Sometimes, i get pimples too if i simply wash my face with water.
asked in St. Albert by Nancy Yueng (139 points)

1 Answer

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I usually like the St Ives face wash which consist of scrubs and masking quality, it also has oatmeal contents in it which i find very soothing for my type of skin. While lathering the face wash on my face, i could feel the good amount of lather on my face which was exactly what i like. The other brand of face wash doesn't lather that much and lacks the feeling of clean wash. But always be careful to wash off the face wash properly from your face because you don't want the face scrub to stick to your face and dry up. i find that this face wash removes the excess oil and dirt from my face efficiently. They are not that expensive either and they can last for quite a long time. One tube of it did last me 2 months at least when i used it twice everyday.

answered by Abby Gibbs (149 points)

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