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What is the new Presto Card and where can i use the Presto Card in Toronto, Ontario?

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I live in Toronto, Ontario and recently the TTC transit agency had rolled out the Presto Card but it seems that a lot of people including me are not quite sure what it is and where we can use it.
asked in City of Toronto by Abdul Tamir (207 points)

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1 Answer

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PRESTO is an electronic fare payment system available across 12 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto - Hamilton Area and Ottawa. PRESTO uses smart card technology that stores money in a secure account, replacing the need for tickets, tokens, passes or cash.

PRESTO can be used t subway stations with PRESTO cad readers, on all streetcars, and on an increasing number of TTC buses. It can also be used on GO Transit, the UP Express, right other Greater Toronto Area Transit agencies, and on OC Transpo in Ottawa.
answered by Jake Lee (202 points)

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