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Are there ways to check my balance on the PRESTO card other than at the Self-Serve Reload Machines?

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How do i register my PRESTO card and why should i do so?
asked in City of Toronto by Abdul Tamir (174 points)

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You can check your card balance and transaction history:

1. At PrestoCard.ca. Click on "Sign in", then use your username and password to sign in to your account. Once you are signed in, you will find an option to reload your Presto Card with funds using your bank account information or Credit Card information, or you can choose to have the option of "AutoRenew" your funds balance once it reaches certain amount like $20, for example. 

Remember that it takes about 24 hours to 48 hours for the updated funds balance changes in your Presto Card to be recognized throughout the TTC transit system. What this means is that if you have just loaded up your funds into your Presto card (Whether Online or Through reload machines), after your balance dropped to almost zero earlier, then you go on to use your Presto Card immediately, you will be surprised to see that your Presto Card had been declined in TTC buses, streetcars or Subway Stations. This is because it takes 24 hours to 48 hours for the Presto Tap machines located in the TTC buses, streetcars and Stations to be updated to reflect the changes in your Presto Card (Funds loaded into your Presto card). So, try to activate the Auto load or Auto Renew features which will automatic deposits funds into your Presto Card when your balance falls below certain amount. Or you can add funds into your Presto Card two days before actually wanting to use the card (If you know your Presto Card Fund balance is low).

2. By calling 1-877-378-6123

3. At any of the 11 other transit agencies that use PRESTO. 

You can register your Presto Card online at PrestoCard.ca.

Registration has many benefits:

1. Registered PRESTO cards can be replaced if lost or stolen and the cash balance will be restored.

2. You can access their public transit usage statement online to help with a claim for federal public transit tax credit.

answered by Jake Lee (172 points)

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