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How good is Fido Home Phone compared to other big phone company?

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Other big phone company such as Rogers, Bell charges quite expensive prices for simple feature home phone plans. I heard that comwave isn't any better either because comwave phone lines sometimes is just not clear enough and static could be heard and they have fees for using their equipment unless you buy off their equipment. I can't think of any other phone company at this time to compare with Fido home phone when it comes to prices
asked in Peterborough by Zaky Ali (173 points)

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1 Answer

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If you are currently a Fido customer and have subscribed to their services such as mobile phone or Fido home cable internet, then you are eligible for a discount. In this case, it is worth going for a Fido home phone because it is way cheaper than a lot of other company and the quality of Fido home phone is quite clear and reliable.

But be advised that Fido Home Phone uses the cable to connect their home phone to service very much like VOIP phone lines. So if the power were to go out, then your home phone won't work. Also there is good chance that calling 911 won't work properly since the emergency crews people won't be able to pinpoint your location of the call exactly. Whereas with a land line, in case of emergency, the emergency crew people can find out your exact address and head over to help you out.

Also, you won't be able to receive or send fax using Fido Home Phone because it is a VOIP phone line which uses cable to provide phone connection. You can only attach the main phone line to one single home phone system in your house. For example, you can't connect the main phone line to the house main phone socket and then expect all the phone socket in each room of your house to work properly. So, you would like to have phone in each room of your house, then you need to buy a phone system which has three or four wireless home handset phone that you need to place in each room. You can attach the main phone line into the base home phone which will in turn activates the remaining phone handsets in each room you placed them.
answered by Abby Gibbs (150 points)

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