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Has anyone experienced long wait times when dealing with Fido Home Cable Internet customer service?

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I don't know why or how, but several times when i tried to contact Fido Customer service for Home cable internet, the wait time is quite long. Also, i needed to first talk to mobile phone department and then they would transfer me to the Home cable internet department. I hope there is the direct phone number for calling Fido Home Cable Internet instead. Whereas, the wait times for contacting Fido Customer Representative for mobile phone department is quite zippy and efficient.
asked in Peterborough by Zaky Ali (173 points)

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1 Answer

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Yes. i have experienced the same problem when trying to contact Fido Home Cable internet for any problem. The wait times are longer as compared to Fido Mobile Department for some strange reason. I also noticed that when you make appointment for a technician to come to your house to fix your home internet cable, guess which company technician shows up? It was rogers technicians. Even the reminder call that Fido gives you one day before the actual appointment to remind you, the automated voice says Rogers too.
answered by Abby Gibbs (150 points)

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