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How to earn Canadiantire e-money fast and what can i use it to redeem for?

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I am thinking of signing up for the Canadiantire options Mastercard because i heard that it is good. Although i have many credit cards but i would like to downsize and use only the ones which gives me the best rewards. Sometimes i end up using many of my credit cards and it becomes quite difficult to track as to how much i have used and when i need to pay my credit card bills.
asked in Mississauga / Peel Region by Riham Assaf (200 points)

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1 Answer

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The great thing about Canadian options Mastercard is that everytime that you use this credit card, you get your rewards back in the form of Canadiantire E-Money which you can use to redeem for items in Canadiantire. In the beginning, the rate you will be earning your rewards will be less and slow but after using the Mastercard for some years, they will send you a special black color World Canadiantire card. This new black World Canadiantire card will help you earn more rewards for your purchases compared to the ordinary silver options Mastercard. At times, it will even allow you to earn as much as 10 times the rewards.

 Sometimes, there are specific days when they will send you an offer specially just for you. Here in this offer it will give you a chance to spend your reward Canadiantire E-Money on any items in Canadiantire and then within a month usually they would reward you back with exactly the same amount of Canadiantire money that you spend. However, there are limits as to how much reward amount you would spend up to and get back the same rewards. For example, $25,$50,$75.
answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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