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What is a Bestbuy Reward Zone Card? What can i get from using it in Canada?

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When i bought a Keyboard from Bestbuy Canada retail store, the cashier asked me if i have a Bestbuy rewad zone card, i answered that i don't have it and then i completed the payment. But after i got back home, i wanted to know more about the Bestbuy reward zone card. Has anyone actually redeemed any rewards from Bestbuy Canada? Does it takes a long time to collect enough points to redeem?
asked in Victoria by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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1 Answer

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Whenever you buy something from Bestbuy, you can hand over your bestbuy rewardzone card to the cashier and you could earn points in your bestbuy membership account. For every dollar you spent in bestbuy, you can get 1 points. For very $400 dollars spent, you get a $5 reward certificate. For every $800 dollars spent, you get a $10 reward certificate. For every $1600 dollars spent, you get $20 reward certificate.

How you can redeem your reward certificate is as follows:

(1) Log into your rewardzone account, and then under the preference settings, you can choose to automatically redeem your rewards certificate when your points level reaches certain amount. For example: 400 points, 800 points and 1600 points

(2) When you have spent enough money to reach the points level you chose, the best buy system will automatically send you an email containing the reward certificate which you can print and take it to the best buy store to redeem it. For example, if you chose to have your rewards certificate in your earlier preference, when it reaches 400 points, the system will automatically send you an email containing $5 certificate, which you then print it out and take it to your local best buy store to redeem it.
answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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