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Which company vacuum cleaner is the best to buy in Canada?

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I am looking for a small portable vacuum cleaner to buy for using it to clean my room which has hardwood flooring. People had recommended to buy Dyson Portable wireless vacuum cleaner but it is very expensive to buy it. I know they are very good in quality and does a good job of keeping the floor clean but Dyson vacuum cleaner doesn't go less than $400 CDN in price. It is not an affordable option for a lot of us. I did have a Hoover brand Vacuum Cleaner before but i broke down on me after only three years of use.

Which retail store had better deals when it comes to buying Vacuum Cleaner? Is it Canadiantire.ca, Walmart.ca, Lowes.ca, Homedepot.ca?
asked in Victoria by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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1 Answer

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One of the reliable company i found to be quite trustworthy is "Dirt Devil". Dirt Devil manufactures vacuum cleaner that is quite powerful and some of them have the same type of functions and added features as the expensive Dyson Vacuum cleaner. The price of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is cheaper compared to other brands and you should always wait for sale to appear on these vacuum cleaners, then it would be worthwhile to buy it.

Dirt Devil usually priced its vacuum cleaner high when it is not on sale, but when it does go on sale, it is worth every penny to buy them. I should say that Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner doesn't last very long though. Usually one or two parts of the vacuum cleaner falls apart and then you will need to order those parts online from the Dirt Devil website and these parts could be quite expensive to order and once you receive it, you do need to install it yourself. It is by selling these parts that Dirt Devil actually makes their money back.

If you are looking for the best selection of vacuum cleaner for cheap, you can do a search for vacuum cleaners at Canadiantire.ca, Walmart.ca, homedepot.ca, Bestbuy.ca (Online only), lowes.ca, Rona.ca

If you happen to look for the very best performing unbeatable and long lasting vacuum cleaner, it can go as high as $400 at Dysoncanada.ca
answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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