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What is the fastest way to sprout vegetable seeds?

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I need to find the quickest way to sprout my vegetables seeds in order to save time. Because the summer season is short here in most places in Canada, every few days or weeks counts when i am growing vegetables or fruits from seeds. I know that many people would say that why not simply buy seedlings that are sprouted and grown to a certain height? Well, it is no fun to start growing when the seeds are already sprouted. This is something that only people with love for gardening would know. It is the challenge and excitement in seeing the baby seedlings sprout from the seeds and the joy of knowing that something this tiny and this small, would someday grow into a plant providing food for our families.
asked in City of Halifax by George Toby (156 points)

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1 Answer

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The fastest way to sprout most vegetables plant is to use paper towel method. You simply put some vegetables seeds like cucumber seeds on the paper towel and then fold it on top of the seeds. Then you can spray mist water on top of the folded paper towel and put them in a container with the lid on. Check every other day to see if the paper towel needs some more spraying of water. Repeat this steps until you see the seeds sprouting. Once the seeds is sprouted, you can plant them into the peat moss seedlings pot. Usually it takes between 5 to 15 days for seeds to sprout using this method. Whereas it would take longer if seeds were directly placed under the potting soil for it to sprout.
answered by Feng Kang (209 points)

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