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Where can i buy solar powered power bank charger for charging smart phones?

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i am very open minded when it comes to using clean energy for our daily uses. One of the power uses, i recently started to get interested in was the use of a solar powered power bank for charging cell phones. Since today's world are filled with people using cell phones, imagine the amount of power consumption used when people charge their smart phones daily. If only a lot of us in the world can switch to using the solar powered phone charger, the electricity grid would have lesser electrical load to deal with.

Although it seems like smart phone chargers only consume very little amount of electricity, if you count and measure properly, you would find that the cost does add up over the years. These could be your savings if only you used solar powered phone charger.
asked in Fort McMurray by Isaac Steele (168 points)

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2 Answers

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Solar powered phone charger is very helpful when you are constantly on the move travelling from places to places for vacation or adventure, where there are no power outlet available to plug and charge your mobile phone battery. Even if you do find a power outlet in some foreign countries, your charging adapter might not support that voltage power. If you ignore the power adapter warnings then you might end up damaging your phone or your charger.

So the best and cheapest way to charge your phone is still by using the power of the sun to charge your phone. These solar powered phone charger power bank will charge your phone using the sunlight as the source of energy. How it works is that it will receive the energy from the sun and charges the power bank. Then you simply use a USB cord to connect your phone to the solar power bank and your phone starts charging. The best thing about this type of charging is that you could be miles away from the nearest power outlet, but still you could keep your phone battery alive, thanks to the solar powered phone charger power bank.

Example of these phone charger are : solar powered phone power bank charger

answered by Chloe Liang (173 points)
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Watch video on "How you can make your own solar powered power bank for charging your phone":

answered by Sasha

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