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Is it necessary to rinse our mouth with mouth wash at least once daily?

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I don't usually have the habit of rinsing my mouth with some mouth wash daily. I simply brush my teeth with tooth brush, but recently i started to think if rinsing my mouth with mouth wash, would improve my teeth cleanliness or perhaps keep my teeth whiter. Some people only brush their teeth once in the morning and they do not brush their teeth at night. At least i brush m teeth once when i get up and then once more before going to bed. I believe that it is important to brush teeth before going to bed also, because the germs and bacteria attack our mouth and teeth more ferociously, when we are asleep, and when we are not using saliva as much as when we are awake.
asked in Lethbridge by Lily Owens (200 points)

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2 Answers

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Using mouth wash to rinse your mouth is very important because it helps to kill bacteria and germs that might not have been killed by simply brushing your teeth with tooth brush and tooth paste. It also gives you that fresh ad confident feeling that your bad breath will be in check. Some of the mouth wash promises cleaner and whiter teeth because they contains some ingredients which lightly whitens your teeth when used for longer period of time. You can choose the ones that contains the flavor and taste you like such as minty flavor or winter fresh flavour to name a few. But it doesn't mean you are actually drinking the mouth wash though it is tempting to try. You are simply rinsing your mouth with the mouth wash and you can taste the flavor of the mouth wash.

Some of the recommended mouth wash brand are as follows:

1. Listerine

2. Scope

3. Crest

4. Colgate

answered by Chloe Liang (173 points)
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Watch video on "Which is more effective in removing bacteria from our mouth - Brushing or Mouthwash rinsing? Find out now.":

answered by Cecil

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