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In cold places like Canada, do we need to change fresh clothes every single day?

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Since Canada is quite cold most of the time except for the summer time, is it okay to wear the same clothes for a couple of days instead of changing clothes every single day? I mean, here in Canada, the weather is much cleaner and our clothes hardly gets dirty unless you go around rolling in the field or the snow.
asked in Lethbridge by Lily Owens (200 points)

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1 Answer

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In cold places like Canada, you won't need to change your clothes every single day unless you are into sports and have been sweating out often even during the winter. The environment is also quite clean enough that it won't dirty your clothes too much. Generally wearing the same clothes for two days is fine with most people. Sometimes it is all about personal preference. You could use some perfume or cologne spray to mask any odour if any, coming from your clothes. Remember personal hygiene is just as important too and don't overdo it by not changing your clothes for weeks.
answered by Steve Martin (184 points)

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