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How you can have slimmer midsection?

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I am looking for the maxi climber reviews. Which are the achievable things to consider? How could i become more sure when it comes this?

asked in Flin Flon by bodycompblueprint (107 points)

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1 Answer

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The best way to reduce your stomach and get flat abs is to do a dance workout. It is fun and it never gets boring. You can turn on some groovy music, learn some dance steps and keep repeating those steps. The idea is to move your hips and stomach area as much as you can in order to redistribute the fats surrounding your stomach. You can start with 10 minutes and within next week of starting, you can add 10 more minutes of dance workout. Keep adding more minutes to your workout until you find that you can't handle the long workout time. Then stay with that amount of workout time every time you do a workout. 

Do not start your workout with 30 minutes in the beginning, because you feel motivated to lose some fats around your belly. Starting with long intense workout will only give you muscle aches the next day, and after that your interest would wane and you would give up on your workout.

Example of some dance workout DVDs are listed below:

Secret Hip hop Flat Abs workout to help you lose weight

answered by Mumtaz Fadil (180 points)

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