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How different is the new Blexten Allergy relief tablet from the reactine allergy relief tablet?

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The new Blexten allergy relief medicine had arrived in Canada and a lot of family physicians are recommending it to their patients including me. I have chronic allergies which has unknown causes and I flared up in hives easily when I forget to take my tablet daily. Like anything new, I am skeptical of the new Blexten medicine tablet because of the listed side effects. Although I am accustomed to taking the good old Reactine medicine tablet, but I like to explore new ideas or new things. I was told that the new Blexten allergy tablet doesn't make the patient feel sleepy at all, whereas Reactine allergy tablet does make a person feel sleepy.


asked in Winnipeg by Feng Kang (209 points)

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5 Answers

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Blexten last longer than reactine when it comes to effectiveness but it does give some bad side effects to people taking it orally. Some of the side effects includes feeling of vomiting, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, diminished hearing, and upset stomach with pain at times. Reactine has lesser side effects compared to Blexten but reactine causes the user to feel sleepy and drowsy. Although as mentioned in Blexten's labeling, it says non drowsy, it does cause people to feel drowsy and sleepy. Everyone's reaction to the medication is not the same.

Remember to first only buy and test a few tablets so that if you start to experience the above mentioned symptoms and side effects, you can discontinue the use of Blexten and inform your physician about it. This way, if your physician advise you to discontinue the use of Blexten, then those Blexten tablet you bought won't go to waste, since you can't take them anymore, due to the side effects problem.

Blexten is available only by prescription by family physician and cannot be bought over the counter. Reactine can be bought at any pharmacy and also online at Walmart.ca. Reactine does not need to be prescribed by your family physician. Only the 2mg stronger ones will be prescribed by your family physician.

answered by Steve Martin (184 points)
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My immunologist said it metabolizes differently so way better for long time users.
answered by anonymous
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Watch video on "How to find the best Antihistamine for your Allergy" :

answered by Antihistamine Care
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I'm in my first week of taking Blexten 20mg tablets, whereas I was taking 10mg Reactine previously.

Day 4 and I can't stop sneezing. This was not an issue with cetirizine, though I do find that in regards to nasal congestion the Blexten seems to keep the airflow smoother for a longer time.
answered by C
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I started taking Blexten after my normal Allegra 24 wasn’t strong enough for my day to day allergies and random hives.  I’ve had bad withdrawal from taking prescription strength reactine (I’m one of the rare people where it crosses the brain blood barrier and causes worse allergy symptoms when getting off the drug) so my GP suggested Blexten.  It works great but it made me SO tired that I could barely function.  It didn’t matter if I took it in the morning or at bedtime, I could not stay away during the day.

A couple of days after stopping Blexten and I’m fine…alert again, but allergies are bad on Allegra.
answered by Sneezing in Edmonton

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