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How do i pay my Walmart Rewards Mastercard bills online?

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I recently signed up for a new Walmart Rewards Mastercard and received $15 balance for using it once at Walmart retail store and then once more at some other places. Now i received the bills in the mail from Walmart financial saying that if i go paperless for my billing, i would receive another $10 bonus. How do i pay for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard when the bills come electronically online next time?
asked in Calgary by Mumtaz Fadil (150 points)

3 Answers

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If you need to enroll in online paperless bill for Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you can do so here:

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Login

If you haven't done so, you can enroll by inputting your card number and your name on card. Follow the registration process. Once done you can login and click on "Electronic letters and statement". There you can download the electronic version of the Walmart credit card bill. In order to pay for the amount indicated in the Walmart Mastercard bill, you will need to pay using your Financial Bank such as Td bank, RBC, BMO or CIBC and other banks, You need to have already setup the payee as Walmart Mastercard with your credit card number as the account number (In your online banking website).

After paying your bill, the changes won't be reflected immediately in your Walmart Mastercard online account. It will take several days before you will see your bill balance go to zero.

answered by Steve Martin (175 points)
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Recently, Walmart Canada has added another cool feature for online shoppers at Walmart.ca. Remember, how you could redeem your Walmart rewards points value at any Walmart stores? Now, you can do the same online while shopping at the Walmart website. You need to have already setup your online account with your Walmart Reward Mastercard linked to your online profile. When you make a purchase online, this same Walmart Reward Mastercard should be used if you want to redeem your Walmart Rewards Money. During checkout time, you will be asked if you want to redeem your Walmart Rewards money for the purchases that you have made online. I believe that this Walmart Rewards Money could be used to pay for the purchase price and the taxes as well if i am not mistaken. Correct me if i am wrong.
answered by Kevin Davis (154 points)
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Heads up for everyone, if you use your bank account to pay for Walmart MasterCard balance, the transaction would take about 5 business days at least to go through, and for your Walmart MasterCard to reflect the updates online.

I was almost maxed out with the credit limits, so I made a payment from my bank account to Walmart MasterCard account thinking the transaction would be done by next day. But I was surprised it took almost five business days for transaction to show in my Walmart MasterCard online account. I actually went over limit by $500 the very next day I made the payment. Luckily it was the end of my credit card period for the month, and so I wasn't charged $25 for going over credit card limit. At first I thought that since I have already maxed out my credit card limit, i won't be able to use my Walmart reward MasterCard at all, but I could still use it. The only thing is that whatever extra amount goes into over limit amount.

How it works is that by the end of the billing cycle, if there is any amount over limit, you would be charged $25. But if you managed to pay off some money until your balance is within or below your maximum credit limit, before your monthly bill is issued, then you would be saved from having to pay the over limit fees.
answered by Edward Newton (128 points)

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