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Why does my Desktop PC Wifi network frequently stops working?

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I have a ASUS desktop computer and i couldn't understand why my WiFi network frequently stops working properly. I mean when i clicked on the network settings, it shows that my WiFi has full signal and well within the range of the cable modem, but for some strange reason, my web browser keeps saying that there is no internet connection. Then as i disconnect from my WiFi network and reconnect again, the internet works again for a few minutes and goes back to "No internet connection available". My desktop runs on Windows 10 operating system and the WiFi is provided by company provided WLAN PCI Express wireless card which came along when i purchased the Desktop. Could it have something to do with Windows 10 or the WLAN PCI wireless PCI card? It has come to the frustrating point that i wanted to call up ASUS and complaint to them about the Deskop. But i will wait and see if any solution could be found online first.
asked in Brandon by Tia Skinner (175 points)

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2 Answers

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You will need to change the channel that your WiFi network runs on. Because your neighbours could be using the same WIFI Channels, there becomes a clash of data been send and received using the same Channel in the near vicinity. This in turn stops your WiFi network from functioning properly although it will show that your WIFI is connected and have strong signal. If you happen to use the same channel as your neighbour then your internet browser will keep saying there is no internet connection and frequently interrupts and stops working. 

Please follow the steps below to fix this WIFI network problem:

1. Download and install this software (It is clean with no virus honestly)  inSSIDer

2. If your computer asks if you want to install software from unknown party, click on "yes".

3. After you installed the software, start the program and check to see what channel your WIFI network is running on. For example: Channel 36, 40, 44, 149 and so on.

4. Once you know your channel, you need to see which channel your neighbour is using. The software displays those information too. The idea is to use another Channel different from your neighbours channel. In fact you should change your WIFI channel to the one which none of your neighbour has.

5. Now you know, which channel your WIFI network runs on. Lets change the channel now.

6. In your browser address bar, type

7. Login to your WIFI modem and then go to the "wireless" section. There you would see the option to change Channel. If you don't see them, click on "40 mhz" option and then now you will see the different channel you can choose. Make sure that you choose the one that your neighbour doesn't have. Choose "Save" after you are done.

8. Finally go back to your internet browser and test to see if your WIFI connection will break again. Chances are that it will be fine now

answered by John Wakeman (162 points)
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You will need to update the driver for your WLAN PCI wireless PCI card. You need to open up your "windows device manager" and look for your wireless LAN adapter card under "Network Adapters". Look for the option to update drivers under properties settings. After updating the drivers, your WIFI internet will not disconnect frequently. If you cannot find the drivers for your Wireless card, you can instead go directly to the manufacturer's website for your wireless card (Example: Intel or Realtek), and download the latest drivers.
answered by Charles Young (177 points)

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