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How to collect Shoppers Optimum Points fast and redeem for rewards in Shoppers Drug mart?

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I have signed up for a Shoppers Optimum Card and i am excited to start collecting shoppers optimum points. I looked at the reward charts shoppers drug mart have, and noticed they have the following reward level as mentioned below:

1. Points - 8000    (Reward is $10 Savings)

2. Points - 22000  (Reward is $30 Savings)

3. Points - 38000  (Reward is $60 Savings)

4. Points - 50000  (Rewards is $85 Savings)

5. Points - 95000  (Rewards is $170 Savings)

The question is that it would be quite tough to collect the maximum points since Shoppers only pays 5 points for every dollar spent. Besides, i can't think of much things to buy at Shoppers Drug Mart at the moment, to collect enough points to redeem for rewards.

Shoppers Drug Mart

asked in Burnaby / New Westminster by Chan Yin (168 points)

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2 Answers

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First you will need to register or login to your shoppers optimum card online at Shoppers Drug Mart. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to provide your email. Then in a few days time, you will be provided with coupons in your email which can earn you points. For example: there can be coupon which will give you 18500 points for buying stuff worth $100 at Shoppers Drug Mart. It will be better for you to install the shoppers drug mart app in your phone if you have a smart phone. Otherwise, if you don't have a smart phone, then you can simply login at the above mentioned shoppers drug mart website and load your coupon there.

When you do buy stuff amounting to the amount mentioned in the coupons, you get that much of points as mentioned in the coupon (Before Tax Amount) that is. You simply ask the cashier to scan your shoppers optimum card for you at the time of checkout. I suggest to always wait for such coupon to arrive in your email, and then load it onto your shoppers optimum card, before heading to buy stuff at shoppers drug mart.

answered by Roxanne Ng (160 points)
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Watch video on "What is the new PC Optimum rewards points and how you can quickly earn enough points to redeem for your daily things such as grocery, toiletries, snacks, drinks, perfumes, and even electronics.":

answered by Victor

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