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Has anyone bought any goods or services from groupon savings site?

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I saw some good deals with hotel stay in Niagara falls area and I also saw some gold plated rosary chains that I wanted to purchase from Groupon Canada site, but I am skeptical as to if there are any fine prints to the offer.
asked in Winnipeg by Brian Malone (155 points)

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1 Answer

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I have bought goods at the Groupon Canada site and they are as mentioned in the sites. You must remember that those prices showing does not include taxes or shipping fees. You should take into account the shipping fees and taxes when checking out. As for the hotel deals and offers, you must be careful and read the fine prints. Mostly you don't have much choice as to which date you want to purchase hotel stay. The reason being that those days would already have been booked by other people. So check to make sure that those days you want is available first before committing to pay for the hotel stays.
answered by Pedro Melo (154 points)

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