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Which type of lawn mower is better - Reel Mower, Gas powered or Electricity powered lawn mower?

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I have been debating as to which type of lawn mower to buy between Reel mower, gas powered or electricity powered lawn mower. I know that the reel mower is the cheapest followed by electricity powered lawn mower and the most expensive ones are the gas powered lawn mower. There is also the grass trimmer and edger to consider, that is why it could be hard to decide which type of grass cutting machine to buy.
asked in Saskatoon by Roxanne Ng (160 points)

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2 Answers

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If yo are undecided about which type of lawn mower to buy between Reel, Electric or gas mower, i suggest you should consider getting the electric one. Reel mower works good only if the surface area of your grass lawn is completely flat. For example in a football field. And before using reel mower on your flat grass lawn, you must physically remove all twigs and branches and other papers or plastics litters around your lawn area. Otherwise if you run your reel mower over these litters, your reel mower could get damaged or get stuck with the debris and you might get a hit on your stomach if you are pushing the reel mower. It is very tiring and physical to use reel mower to mow your lawn especially if your lawn is big and you need to cover large areas.

If you want to use a gas mower, then it will be really loud and polluting for your neighbourhood. You would also once in a while refill your gas when it runs out and you need to sharpen your gas lawn mower blades too sometimes. One of the good thing about a gas powered lawn mower is that you don't need an electric chord tagging along and following you as you mow your lawn. it is portable and you can take it to far distance without having to worry about the length of your electric chord or it being entangled with your lawn mower or bushes or plants. But these gas powered lawn mower are expensive and they can be quite heavy to move. An elderly and older person should definitely not try to use gas lawn mower or else he could break his back. You won't have to worry about cleaning your lawn from twigs and other litters though it is recommended that you do remove them first. These gas powered lawn mower is quite powerful and it can cut everything that comes in its path.

An electric lawn mower is much lighter and compact and easier to push. The electric chord can be quite annoying and difficult to have since it will follow you wherever you go pushing the lawn mower. At times, you are limited by the length of the power chord and you can't go too far away. If you have a big lawn area, then you might consider buying gas powered lawn mower or get a longer extension power chord. Electric lawn mower are a lot quieter than as lawn mower and it cuts down on air pollution and noise pollution in your neighbourhood. Older people can use this type of lawn mower with ease. Again with this electric lawn mower, you don't need to remove twigs and other litters though it is highly recommended that you do so before mowing your lawn area. Electric lawn mower is much cheaper than gas powered and perform better than reel mower. So this will be the best option for a small to medium sized lawn.

Reel Mower

Reel mower

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mower

Gas powered Lawn Mower

Gas Lawn Mower

answered by Henry Cooley (148 points)
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Watch video on "How you can choose the best lawn mower according to your personal preference and situation. Expensive ones may not be the best. There are a lot of other factors to consider when buying your lawn mower for the first time."

answered by Malcolm

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