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Which city in Canada has the best weather during the winter?

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I live in Manitoba, Winnipeg and it can get really cold during the winter. I am looking to move to a warmer city located in Canada. Is Vancouver and Toronto a better choice? I heard that Vancouver could be cloudy and rainy most times of the year and Toronto's weather could be quite dry during winter.
asked in Winnipeg by Brian Malone (146 points)

1 Answer

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Vancouver city has the best weather during the winter because it usually doesn't drop more than -10 Celsius and the amount of snowfall is quite less compared to other parts of Canada. However, it could rain quite a lot and this would create Icy road conditions and they are dangerous to drive in. The temperature in Vancouver likes to hover around -10 to 10 Celsius during the winter.

Toronto's weather can be quite crazy in contrast. The temperature could get on the high side during the day and then it would drop to very low during the night. A person can easily catch cold and fall sick if they can't handle to high rise and drop in temperature daily. There are significant amount of high snowfall in Toronto and the weather is much dryer.
answered by Pedro Melo (151 points)

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