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How to save money on Hydro electricity bills?

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What is the easiest way to save money on hydro electricity bills without compromising normal use of electronics and other necessary uses of electricity?

I usually like to leave my night light on inside my room and in the hall way because it only consumes 1w of electricity. I am looking for an alternative to using other type of night light, which doesn't require me to leave the night light turned on for the whole night. Does charging my smart phone daily consumes a lot of electricity?

Electricity Bills

asked in Labrador City by Lourdes Wray (147 points)

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2 Answers

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One of the reason why people's electricity bill is high could be the nightlight they use at home. Try to imagine this, you have a night light that is turned on your hallway and it consumes 7 watt of electricity. This same night light has been turned on for 8 hours everyday for every month. That amounts to a lot of electricity that has been wasted because you are asleep and meanwhile this night light is simply left on, the whole night until you turn it off in the morning. That is a lot of wastage of electricity.

Instead another solution is to buy motion sensor night light which uses AA batteries to power it. You can use rechargeable batteries to power the motion sensor light and it does not remain on the whole night. It only comes on when you happen to pass by it and it stays on for about 45 seconds and then shuts off, waiting for another motion detection. This way you only need to recharge your rechargeable batteries about once in three weeks and best part of it all, is that it takes only one hour to fully recharge the batteries. Buy "Duracell" rechargeable batteries because i find that it last a lot longer than other brands.

You can buy the motion sensor night light here:

8 LED PIR Wireless Infrared Sensor Motion Detector Wall Night Light Lamp New

answered by Henry Cooley (148 points)
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Watch video on "Discover some of the easy ways you can save money on your electricity bills just by making some adjustments to your living lifestyle":

answered by Clara

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