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Is it cheaper to use rechargeable AA batteries or non rechargeable AA batteries for smaller electronics like electric shaver, kids toys or Wall clock?

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When we compare the cost effectiveness of using the rechargeable batteries and non rechargeable batteries, it is pretty tough to come to a conclusion as to which type of batteries will be cheaper in the long run. Besides i am very concerned about the environmental impact of using certain type of batteries, it will have on our environment. Mainly i wanted to use AA batteries for running small electronics and i don't like unnecessary wastage of batteries.

Rechargeable Duracell Batteries

Regular Duracell Non rechargeable batteries

asked in Labrador City by Lourdes Wray (147 points)

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2 Answers

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If you are concerned about causing damage to the environment, then i suggest that rechargeable batteries would be perfect for you. You do not need to throw away the batteries, once it is used up and this will reduce the number of batteries going into the garbage sites. It may be more expensive to buy rechargeable batteries initially, but then in the long run, it will be cheaper. You would not be required to keep buying new rechargeable batteries as these batteries an be recharged many times over and over.


Some of the popular places where people buy AA and AAA batteries are Amazon.ca, Canadiantire.ca, Walmart.ca, Homedepot.ca, Bestbuy.ca, eBay.ca

answered by Henry Cooley (148 points)
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Watch video on "Compare the non rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries, and find out the advantages and disadvantages of using both types of batteries":

answered by Charlie

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