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Which external hard drives to buy - Seagate or Western Digital?

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I am looking for an external hard drive to buy but I can't make up my mind on whether to go for the Seagate Hard Drive or Western Digital Hard Drive. I am hoping for good durability and long lasting. I don't want my files to be stored in the hard drive and then later when it breaks down, I won't be able to access my personal files stored in it.
asked in Winnipeg by Brian Malone (155 points)

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1 Answer

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Seagate is a well established company when it comes to hard drives. Seagate makes strong and durable hard drives and they last for a very long time. Western Digital's hard drives lacks durability and their longevity is doubted. Seagate has hard drives on sale often at Best buy and other online websites. It is always better to wait for sale to appear for the hard drives as you can get it for much cheaper price.
answered by Lei Chung (180 points)

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