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Can we make our own organic compost for garden plants in our backyard?

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I have seen how expensive buying compost can be if we have to use it on our lot of plants in our backyard. I read that putting compost around plants helps it to grow faster and stronger and it improves the soil greatly. However, i am a curious person and that i like to make my own compost in my own backyard. What is the best and easiest way to make my own compost as food for my plants?


asked in Saint John by Henry Cooley (148 points)

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2 Answers

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Yes, you can make your own compost easily without much effort. You need four things for compost to form. (1) Air, (2) Moisture (Water), (3) brown material such as leaves, twigs, shredded cardboard pieces, shredded newspaper, (4) Green materials such as fruits peels, vegetables peels, grass cuttings.

The brown to green ratio should be 30:1 or if you go by weight it should be 3/4 of brown material and 1/4 of green material. You can make a pile which should be at least 3 x 3 x 3 feet in length, width and height. You have to layer your pile with one layer brown material and then one layer green material on top of one after another until you reach 3 feet in height.

Another method is to buy or make a compost bin made with holes on the sides and all around and put your brown and green material inside the bin. Then mix with either turning the bins or with a stick or garden fork. You will need to water the compost pile or compost bins every week depending on how dry it gets. The compost should not be too wet either, it should just feel like a wrung out sponge and not dripping wet.

Compost pile gets done much faster because it gets hot and cooks faster but then there are those insects and worms mixed with the finished compost. With Compost bins, the finished product is much cleaner without much insects and worms getting into it but then compost bins takes much longer to complete because it is cold composting taking place inside the compost bin. You are looking at two months for hot compost pile whereas using compost bin will take about six months to a year.
answered by Elbert Pickle (147 points)
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Watch video on "How you can make your own compost at home using food scraps or vegetables peels as green material and using leaves or grass clippings as brown materials. Keeping the compost moist and aerated to allow oxygen into the compost is just one of the care that must be taken to make a good organic compost for your beautiful garden plants":

answered by Susie

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