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Which company offers better and cheaper home internet - Virgin Mobile or Fido?

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Having used Rogers Home internet for many years, i have finally decided to give up on rogers. They frequently increases their price without properly informing the customers and their only reason for the increase is that they want to provide a better service to the customers. Meanwhile there are many other smaller competitors offering unlimited home internet for much cheaper price and their quality is not bad either. I have my eyes set on either Virgin Mobile or Fido home internet. Both of them seem to be offering good deals way cheaper than rogers, but do they both use cable internet or VDSL?

I remember when Fido first launched their home internet plans, customers has to be already subscribed with their mobile phone plans in order to get a great discount on their home internet plan. But it seemed recently that they had removed that limitations. Anyone without a Fido mobile phone plan could now sign up for the Fido Home Internet Plan. I believe Virgin Mobile also started with the same practice but they quickly removed the limitations too.

Virgin MobileVirgin Mobile Modem


FidoFido Modem

asked in Victoria by Sarah Robbins (162 points)
Virgin /Bell both crap 6yrs never again take my advice

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2 Answers

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i have tried both the home internet company and i can give a very unbaised review and opinion of which one is better. Although Fido offer a much faster internet service for a bit more expensive than Virgin Mobile home internet, there really isn't much difference, if all you want to do is to stream and watch movies. Virgin Mobile sure has a cheaper plan than Fido and their internet modem called "Steve" is pretty good and stable so far. I did not have any problem with Virgin Mobile home internet connection while i am watching movies in Netflix. Although Virgin Mobile has a slower speed as advertised than Fido, but i felt that there is very negligible difference and that Virgin Mobile Home Internet works just as fast as Fido Home internet.

Fido's modem has a bit of problem in that it sometimes for no reason gets stuck and movies keep freezing and loading. Even there is the slow down of internet at times due to the modem problem. I realized that Fido uses the same modem company called "Hitron" as the modem used by Rogers company, and i tell you that this Hitron compnay modem is no good. I had to unplug the modem once every week and then plug it back in after waiting one minute to reboot the internet. It started to get worse recently and that is when i decided to changed to Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile uses a modem called "Steve" and boy, it is quite powerful and the signal is pretty strong. Even from outside the house i could get a good signal.

Virgin Mobile is a part of Bell company if you are aware of it and so it uses the Fibe network to deliver the internet to you. Actually the Fibe network doesn't come all the way into your house. Fibe network comes into your neighbourhood in a central system and then from that central system internet is delivered into your house through telephone copper wires. At first i was skeptical of the telephone lines because i have heard that sometimes during storm or winter, the phone lines would be quite bad and so internet would be bad too. However, Virgin Mobile had offered first month free to try out their service without any contract or hidden fees, and so i went for it. I must say that i am quite satisfied with the speed and reliability of Virgin Mobile Home Internet.

Whenever i called Fido home internet customer service, it goes to the Mobile division first and i had to tell them to transfer me to the Home internet department. At times the wait time is long too. There were times when i had paid the Fido home internet bill and then on the next bill, they charged me late payment charges. In fact they were supposed to send me a confirmation email for paying the bill. However, that email came after the last due date and somehow it ended up charging me late payment charges when in fact i did pay the bill. The Customer Representative at first insisted that i did not pay bill on time but after much persuasion they found out that it was a computer glitch and that many other customers were affected by this problem too. In fact, it happened twice to me and i had to call them twice to sort out the problem.
answered by Elbert Pickle (147 points)
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