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Which brand Car is best suited for Canada winter driving - Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, Volkswagen?

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As you all know that driving in Canada's winter condition can be quite bad and dangerous. Since this is my first time that I am looking for a new vehicle to drive, I am confused with so many brands and company cars to choose from. I am actually looking for a SUV vehicle which can handle winter driving as well as summer driving.

American company such as GM or Dodge can be cheaper to buy but I heard things as in that they break down faster and their parts and repairs can be pricey too. No wonder they sell their autos for cheap and then they get back at us with pricey part and labour services at their service centre.
asked in City of Halifax by Joshua Wright (142 points)

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Go for the Japanese cars because they tend to last longer and have better quality build. The Japanese car parts can be pricey as well but they are justified because they last longer and performs better. In contrast, the American cars are not as good in build quality and they do break down more often than Japanese cars. The American car parts are similar in prices to Japanese cars but the American parts does not last longer. Korean car company are not better than American or Japanese cars. Although they offer good warranty on their cars, most people say that the build is not as good as expected. German cars are equally as good as Japanese cars or in some cases better than Japanese cars. I am not comparing the Mercedes or BMW. I am referring to Volkswagen. Conclusion is to go for Honda, Toyota or Mazda or Volkswagen.
answered by Lei Chung (162 points)

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