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Which is best reward credit card to use where i can quickly collect points to redeem?

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I am looking to get a new credit card with reward points, so I can redeem it for things when I have collected enough points. I do not have high hopes for collecting enough points to fly around to vacation destinations but at least I would like enough points to redeem for things like gas, grocery, or merchandise.
asked in City of Halifax by Joshua Wright (145 points)

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1 Answer

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It is never a good idea to go for those credit cards which promises flying points where you can redeem points for flight tickets. It will take many years to collect that much points and even then once you have enough points, you still can't have much choice of the airlines you want. You might even end up with the flight timings you don't want but you had to take those flight times because there are no other choices. Most of these flight points cards have annual fees too which could add up on your expense each year. It is like as if you are paying for a portion of the flight tickets yourself through the annual fees.

Instead go for credit cards like Walmart MasterCard, Canadiantire Options Card, RBC Visa gold or RBC shoppers Optimum card. I had redeemed a lot of points from these credit cards I just mentioned and they are faster to earn points. Just remember to use and rotate them often when purchasing stuff. In no time, you will notice your points add up quickly.
answered by Lei Chung (180 points)

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