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Which is the best shampoo brand to use for people suffering from Hair Loss?

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I have started to lose hair and they are thinning rapidly. I read somewhere that it could be due to the shampoo I use. I have been using cheap shampoo lately and I didn't realise that there is a reason those shampoos are cheap or on sale. I do not want to try those expensive shampoo for hair loss advertised on TV as I know that my cousin didn't get any good results from it. I am looking for shampoo brands products which are soft on my hair scalp and doesn't damage my hair roots.
asked in Saint John by Henry Cooley (148 points)

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3 Answers

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You should try Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo (Ph 5.5) and you would find them in the Shoppers Drugmart Store or online at Amazon.ca or Ebay.ca . I have tried it and have been using it for more than two years now. It makes my hair thicker and my hair loss had considerably been reduced. However, you must take caution to not use it everyday although it is mentioned that you can use it everyday to wash your hair. If you wash you hair with shampoo everyday, it could lead to dry hair because shampoo cleans away the natural oil produced by your hair scap. Some natural oil produced by your scalp is good for your hair and no other man made products can replace it. Sebamed contains Ph 5.5 level which means it is almost as soft as your skin level and is not harsh on your hair at all. Anything more than this Ph 5.5 or less than Ph 5.5 will not give good results.
answered by Lei Chung (180 points)
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Where can I buy Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo in Toronto, Canada?

answered by anonymous
Shoppers DrugMart carry the sebamed anti hair loss shampoo brand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Some stores could be out of stock and some stores sell them cheaper than the other. In eBay.ca the sellers are selling for expensive price. So shoppers DrugMart is still the cheapest and best choice.
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Another less known brand shampoo, I bought from Amazon is showing promising results on my hair growth. My hair has always been thin, limp, weak and my hair loss was very severe. I have come to the point where more than half of my scalp was bald and I already lost hope of ever growing back my hair.

Out of sheer luck, I somehow came upon a thickening shampoo that had great reviews and It was so cheap compared to other hair growing products. One bottle was enough to last me more than 6 months of everyday use and it comes in a nice compact size. So it doesn't take up too much space in my shower area.

I decided to try that shampoo and almost instantly I could feel the difference in my hair texture. My hair was feeling much more cleaner and stronger. It had more strength to the touch and upon closer examination with my phone camera, new hairs were sprouting out of my bald scalp areas. These are not the thin light color type of hair produced by using minoxidil topical solution. They are thick strong hair and I could see in my photo of my scalp, that hair follicles pores are truly opening up on my once bald spot.

You just have to be patient and use it once or twice a day, depending on how oily your scalp usually gets. Within 6 months, I am sure you will see amazing positive results. I have been recommending this shampoo to other people and they were blown away by the great results.

I am not a salesman nor do I get any commission for recommending this product. I simply wanted to share my experience with hair loss and how I managed to reverse my hair loss. I would want all those people suffering from hair loss to be able to stop their hair loss and gained back their glorious hair like before.

If your head scalp starts getting itchy and dry as some people mentioned after using it, simply reduce the frequency of use. Try not to overdo it. It has a sweet scent when you use it. If you have oily head scalp, do not use hair oil or gel after using this shampoo. This shampoo is meant to clean those oil on your head scalp, so adding back hair oil or hair gel to your hair, simply does not help with your hair loss. 

You must understand that too much oil on your scalp was what causes hair loss in the first place. These natural oils produced by your head scalp, chokes and kills your hair follicles which doesn't completely dies off but becomes very thin, just like the hairs on your body parts. But once you provide the perfect condition to grow back your hair, by using this shampoo, your thin hair follicles now starts thickening and grows back to normal size.

The Amazon link to buy that shampoo is located below (Genuine Link, no click baits or scams):

OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo - 385 ml

answered by Oregon

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