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How to transfer ownership of car from Dad to son in Toronto, Ontario?

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My Dad would like to transfer the ownership of his car to me as my big birthday gift, what is the fastest and best way to do that? I had read through the Service Ontario website in regard to this topic but they have too many information and i am quite impatient to go through all those information. Any quick tips and guidance would help.
asked in City of Toronto by Scott Smith (237 points)

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1 Answer

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In Toronto, Ontario, if you want to transfer ownership of a car from Dad to son, you can follow the few simple steps as below:

(1) Tell your dad to go to his mechanic garage where he often take his car for service, and tell the mechanic that your dad wants a "Safety Standard Certificate" done. All mechanics can charge different prices for having this done. Your dad can either ask around for a better price or stay with his own regular mechanic. The price range is between $90 to $150 as of year 2017.

Car Safety Standard Certificate Ontario

This step is done first because in case if your dad's car has some mechanical problem, then his car will need to be fixed in order to pass the safety standard test.

(2) If your dad's car is due for an emission test, then he should get the test done now.

(3) You will have to look for your own car insurance company. Even if you have been under your dad's car insurance policy before in the past, you will need to apply for your own car insurance policy now. You should tell your insurance company to make the car insurance active on the actual day that you will be going to Service Ontario office to make your dad transfer the car to you. Otherwise, what happens is that you could possibly be prohibited to drive, if the car ownership is transferred to you but the car insurance is not active yet.

(4) You will then complete this two form:

(5) Don't forget to bring your own drivers license to the Service Ontario Office as well as the above mentioned documents such as safety standards certificate, emission test (If required), Car insurance proof, sworn statement form and plate transfer declaration form.

(6) The above mentioned sworn statement will have to be notarised and usually service ontario office have commissioner present there who will do the notarization for $30 immediately during the application process. If no commissioner is present to notarised the sworn statement then you will have to get a lawyer to do the notarisation for around the same price as well.

(7) If your address has changed, this will be the best time to inform the clerk about the address changes.

After that they will issue you the vehicle owner permit and congratulation your job is done now.

Vehicle Owner Permit

answered by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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