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How do i remove the lint on my sweater without using the sticky roller?

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Every time after i washed my clothes, i realized that very often lots of lint is stuck on my sweater and on my socks. Even some of my dress has got lint stuck on them. I know that most people would suggest to use a sticky lint roller remover, but it is very tedious and time consuming to use the sticky lint remover roller. The reason is that i have to constantly peel off the used sheet of lint roller each time it gets sticky no more. Once i even ordered the rubber ones from internet wherein i could dip the rubber lint roller into the water and let it dry before i could use it again, but that was a bad idea and took a long time for me to complete my laundry work. I am looking for an alternate method or tools which could possibly improve the chance of removing lint at a fast pace and with great ease.

Lint remover

asked in Markham / York Region by Chan Yin (168 points)

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2 Answers

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You will need to buy an electronic clothes lint remover / shaver to properly remove lint in your clothes or sweater. This battery operated machine does not stick and remove the lint by its stickiness. How this machine works is that it has a blade inside the casing which constantly turns and cuts any lint that comes through its inside. By pressing the lint remover machine on the sweater, the lint gets removed and sucked into a transparent compartment where you can empty it later when it is full. It is very cheap to buy and works better than the sticky roller. Of course, you can use both of the sticky roller and the battery operated lint remover machine to obtain the best results.

Buy this Battery operated lint remover machine

Lint remover

Lint removerLint remover

answered by Rose Burns (183 points)
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Watch video on "Various ways to remove Lint on your sweater, without you sweating over how to remove Lint easily":

answered by Johnson

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