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Which is the best Android Phone App for tracking TTC buses In Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

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I have tried some of the Android apps for tracking TTC Buses in Toronto but some of them are not accurate and i wanted to see the buses in google map while streaming live. Having the correct bus tracking app is very useful for me because it will give me that extra information to make a decision as to should i start walking to the bus stop from my home or should i hang around at home a bit more before heading to the bus stop. At times, when i happen to be shopping around in some stores i want to be able to see in my phone where the buses are located in the map and then i can judge how many minutes it will take for the buses to come to my bus stop. A lot of the bus tracking apps were made by United States company and therefore they are not that accurate or the apps crashes frequently or are unable to provide live updates on the location and actual time of estimated arrival.
asked in City of Toronto by Nancy Yueng (203 points)

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1 Answer

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The bus tracking app i like to use for my Android phone is called "Transit Now Toronto", which can be downloaded from Google Play store if you own an Android Phone. This app allows you to add a particular bus route as favorite and every time you open the app and click on the favorite icon, it gives you the arrival times of the bus routes you chose as favorites earlier. 

Transit Now Toronto

You can also click on the "Nearby bus" icon which tells you the arrival times of all the buses coming to your road intersection, where you are standing on. The best of all is the "Map" feature where you choose a specific bus route and then click on the "Map" icon which displays the exact location and direction of the buses in real time live. This map display of buses location is more accurate than simply arrival time feature because sometimes the apps show a bus is coming when actually the bus is not coming and is still very far away. 

Transit Now Toronto Map

This app also allows you to access the bus arrival times from your phone's lock screen or status bar. You can also set an alarm to alert you when the bus is about to arrive at your location. There is also the TTC alert feature which tells you if there are any alerts such as route diversions for bus, subway down, or station elevator out of service. Another cool feature is the station info which tells you the first subway train and last subway train info for the subway station that you choose. A subway map is provided for anyone who wants to know which subway station there are traveling to and from.

Transit Now Toronto Notification

answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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