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How good is the Reliance Home Comfort water heater tank rental service?

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I currently have an old water heater tank in my basement which is starting to show signs of wear and tear. At times, the water is not hot enough and at times the water simply is cold. It takes a lot longer time than before to heat up the water for our shower. So we end up having to wait for half an hour after each person showered. With family members of four, this is a long wait and definitely we would need a new water heater tank. Instead of purchasing a new water heater tank, i wanted to explore and see if renting the water heater tank from reliance home comfort is worth it?
asked in City of Toronto by Tom Hodo (158 points)

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You use water heater tank for showering with hot water and washing your dishes with hot water. Most of the water heater tank uses natural gas to heat the water tank. Try to opt for the water heater which has the tank because in case of electricity blackout, this water heater tank will still work without electricity. Do not opt for the tankless water heater because when the electricity goes out, then it won't work and you will be left without hot water.

If you have been debating whether to rent a water heater tank or to buy one, you won't have to think further. People say that buying a new water heater tank is worth it because you won't have to pay to rent it, but think about it this way, that the water heater tank you purchased will stop working in roughly about ten years. After that you will need to purchase a new water heater tank and have someone to install it which is extra expenses. Besides, if during those years there is a problem with your water heater, you will need to call a professional to fix it. If by chance your warranty had expired on the water heater tank, then you will also end up paying for the parts and labour as well.

Whereas if you rent a water heater tank, during the ten years comparing to if you purchased it, if there is any problem with the water heater tank, you will simply call the water heater rental company and they will send someone over and fix it for you for free (Since they have collected your rental fees each month already). Any parts and labour will cost nothing extra for you. By the end of ten years or more, if you feel that your water heater tank is not performing well and you are getting cold water during your shower, then you can simply call the water heater tank rental company and they will do an investigation. If they deem that the water heater tank needs a new replacement, then they will do the replacement again for free (Since you have been paying them rental fees every month already). Reliance home comfort is a good choice for renting a water heater tank since they offer low monthly prices and their service is pretty fast and prompt.

Reliance Home Comfort

answered by Joshua Wright (131 points)

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