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Is consuming lots of sugar good for our hair? Will it cause hair loss or will it curb hair loss?

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I am a person who likes eating sweet sugary stuff and i could barely go about one single day without eating something sweet. Although i have been keeping fit, in spite of consuming lots of sweet sugary stuff, i have been blessed with a fast body mechanism which quickly burns out the sugar i consumed everyday. I am starting to worry that eating extreme amount of sugar could accelerate my hair loss. Lately i have been experiencing a bit of hair loss from the top center of my head scalp. i could feel my hair pretty flat and not fluffy or thick, after i have consumed sweet sugary stuff. Then there were times when i controlled myself and reduced my sugar intake and i felt my hair was more bushy and my head scalp wasn't that oily either.
asked in City of Toronto by Tia Skinner (175 points)

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2 Answers

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It is very true that consuming lots of sugar is bad for your hair and it eventually leads to hair loss. If you will notice, right after you ate sugary stuff, within a few hours you will notice that your head scalp is shiny and oily. Those oily substances that forms on your head scalp after eating sugar is what contributes to your hair loss. The oily substances clogs your hair follicles pores and prevents the pores from breathing normally. Unless you remove those oily substances by using PH 5.5 shampoo, the oily substance stays on your hair follicles pores and causes eventual hair fall. Besides, when you have lots of sugar content in your body and your body is unable to remove or use up the extra sugars in your blood, the sugars causes a decrease of supply of oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. Your hair follicles needs constant supply of fresh oxygen and nutrients in order to grow strong thick hair.

Sugar bad for hair loss

answered by Joshua Wright (145 points)
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Watch video on "How does eating sugar often leads to hair loss and what we can do to control our craving for sugars?":

answered by Mark

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