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Which is the easiest and best website to compare hotel prices in Toronto or Niagara Falls?

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Many people will say just google the best hotel in Toronto or Niagara falls but you should understand that there are many results that show up in google searches for best hotels. I do not want to spend much of my time combing through each and every hotels websites to see which hotel has the best prices and deals. I am looking for a clean and easy website that does the work for me by searching for the cheapest and the best hotel prices in Toronto or Niagara Falls.
asked in City of Toronto by Kate Hussain (198 points)

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2 Answers

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I personally find the best website to find good and cheap hotels will be trivago.ca . Quite simply, the website will display the prices from major websites and it will also show you all the deals that one website will be offering for the same hotel rooms (For example, some websites will offer Free Complimentary Breakfast), whereas the other website will not offer extra perks for the same type of room in the same hotel. Trivago.ca also shows you the photos of the hotels and true reviews and ratings by real users. It even has a google map attached to the hotel description to show the exact location of the hotels, so you don't have to exclusively open up another window tab to show google map locations.
answered by John Wakeman (162 points)
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Watch video on "Check out the top 10 apps and websites for booking your hotel stay, find amazing deals you never knew exist":

answered by Jackson

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