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Does Minoxidil 5% topical liquid solution really works for stopping hair loss?

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I have started losing hair on the frontal portion of my temple with receding hair line, and also on the top of my head including a bit of my top back scalp area. I have never tried any hair loss remedy and i would like to know which products works best? With so many products to choose from, it is hard to know which ones will work and which ones are simply a waste of money. I have done some research online myself and i found Minoxidil 5% to be quite promising according to some user reviews but does it really work? That i have yet to see.
asked in City of Toronto by John Wakeman (162 points)

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3 Answers

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As mentioned on the package of the minoxidil liquid topical solution, it usually works on the bald spot located on the utmost center top of your head. It means that you can apply the liquid on your frontal receding temple line but you may not get the desired result. if you are lucky you could see small fuzzy hair growing on your receding hairline temple area. Otherwise the fuzzy hair would fall off as soon as you stop using Minoxidil. I usually like using the Minoxidil 5% versus the Minoxidil 2% because the 5% ones gives me more results in a shorter span of time.

The minoxidil 2% are mostly used by women who have thinning hair on the top center portion of their head scalp. Take care that women who are pregnant should totally avoid using any type of minoxidil because scientific research had shown that continuous use of the liquid solution in women had led to babies born with some defects that was not caused by genetics defect.

I have been using the minoxidil 5% which i bought online for about 1 month and it is showing promising results. Only minor complain is that i am growing hair throughout my body parts as well such as my chest stomach area, my thighs, hands and wrists. This liquid made my eye brow look pretty thick and bushy just like when i was a teenager. I have been putting quite a good amount on my frontal receding temple area as well and so far it has been showing good results. I could see fuzzy hairs growing which is slowly turning into strong thick hair. I would personally recommend anyone experiencing hair loss to go for this minoxidil 5% treatment which i find is better than the hair transplant.

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answered by Charles Young (177 points)
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Minoxidil topical solution did not work for me at all. After one month of using this hair growing liquid regularly, my face is covered with pimples and acne and my head scalp is shiner than ever. I could see my hair falling off much faster in my shower drain and i got dandruff forming near the base of my head scalp. Instead of growing hair on my head, i started to grow hair on all other body parts like my breast area, my button hole area and my thighs too. i could also feel my hair getting thinner and drier compared to before i started using Minoxidil. This product doesn't work for everyone and especially in my case, my hair is thinning from the front temple area. Minoxidil helps people who has balding on the top of the head crown area and not for balding on the front side of the head scalp. It says so in the Minoxidil package too. Definitely this product is not for people with sensitive skin or prone to allergy.

I would suggest eating healthier to regrow our thinning hair. i could swear that my hair is getting better not by applying Minoxidil 5% topical solution on my head scalp daily. Instead i give praises to the juice that i made to help me maintain some hair on my head. I use grapes, carrot and celery to grind it with a mixer and squeeze out the juice. I had been drinking this juice mixtures for about 2 months and i will say i could feel my hair getting thicker and longer, my hair also doesn't fall off easily during shower.
answered by Nathan Davison (132 points)
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Watch video on "What is Minoxidil and how it can help you fight hair loss and possibly regrow your lost hair.":

answered by Steve

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