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What is the Ebates website and how does it work?

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One of my friend referred me to check out the Ebates website saying that it is a very interesting website which offers rewards or cash back bonus. Is this a legit website and does it really work as people say it does? I have known many other website which offers similar bonuses but they usually turn out to be scam or fake. Judging from the website, i feel this website seemed legit but i would like to know more if anyone had actually used the website services.
asked in City of Toronto by Adam Hunt (153 points)

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2 Answers

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Ebates.ca is quite a legit website and i have been using it for a long time now. If you are someone who likes to buy stuffs online and have it delivered to your door instead of buying at physical stores, then ebates is for you. All you have to do is to first register yourself at Ebates.ca, add your payment method with which you want Ebates to pay you cash back, such as Paypal. Then when you start shopping, you need to open up Ebates.ca and choose the store or shops that you see under ebates website because these are the shops that have dealings with Ebates. 

Once you have chosen which shops you want to shop at, you can then shop as you normally would online and it will tell you how much percentage of cashback you would be receiving back. Every 3 months as long as you have earned more than $5 by the end of 3 months, you would be paid by the method of payment as chosen by you.

answered by Charles Young (177 points)
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Watch video on "How you can earn your money cashback with Ebates, the more you spend, the more you earn in cashback.":

answered by Doreen

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