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Is it possible to repair and fix my own driveway DIY?

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Having done a lot of things and projects DIY (Do It Yourself) on my own, i thought that i would like to try my hands on repairing and fixing my own broken and uneven driveway. This sounds like a big project and i wonder if it is even worth to do the repairs myself. Besides i do not have the required tools to do the digging and the machine to roll flat on the new asphalt. But still i like to take up challenges and push myself to the limits.

Cracked Driveway

asked in Lloydminster by Donald Silva (169 points)

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2 Answers

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It is possible to fix and repair your own driveway but it takes a lot of effort and the results may not be as pleasing as you want it to be. What you can do is buy the readymade black tar that comes in a big bag of 8 kgs or more. All you have to do is to clean your driveway with water first and pull out any weeds or debris. Then you pour in the readymade black tar and use a heavy metal tamper to tamp the tar flat onto the cracks and pot holes. You may have to do it on a dry day so that the rain doesn't wash away the loose tar gravel.

Even then the results are not very satisfying and may not look professional at all. It is always better to get a professional contractor who will remove the old asphalt, apply some gravels and other materials to level the base first and make it firm and solid, upon which the new asphalt will be build. These task needs heavy machinery to dig and then apply the new asphalt. Thereafter each year you will only need to prime seal your driveway much like the way you would paint your walls to keep the beautiful black color shining every year.

Sealed Driveway

answered by Ben Morris (145 points)
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Watch video on "It is possible to repair your driveway by doing it yourself with a fraction of the cost, than if you hire a professional to repair your asphalt driveway":

answered by Asphalt Driveway Repair

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