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How do i pay my Fido Mobile Phone bills online monthly?

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Having immigrated from another country to Canada, i was used to paying my mobile phone bills by going to the bank and letting the bank teller do the payment for me, when i show them the paper phone bills. We used to get paper bills in our mailbox monthly and then we had to make the payment by visiting the banks. However, after coming here to Canada, i still get the options of getting paper bills for my mobile phone but FIDO also has the online bills option. I am the type of person who likes to keep up with changing times and i have decided to try paying my FIDO mobile phone bills online instead of doing it the traditional old ways of going to the bank to make the payment.
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2 Answers

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You can go onto the fido website www.fido.ca and look for the login or register button. You must register your account for online access first before you can pay your bills. You will need to provide your phone number details while registering and it will also ask you for your email and for a new password you want to use for login. After successfully registering youself, you can then use the email or phone number and password to login into your account.

Once logged in, you can view your account balance and your current or previous bills. Then when you are ready to pay the bills,simply click on "Pay now" and it will ask you which method you want to make your payment. I usually uses credit card payment because i could then earn points through my credit card. Select your method of payment and click "Pay" to make the paymen.

You can also choose to make payment through the mobile phone apps. The process is similar to the desktop version and by logging into the Fido app with your email or phone number and password, you can pretty much follow the on screen instruction to make your payment. This saves you from having to visit your bank often each month to make a payment to your mobile phone company Fido. Another even better method is that if you are committed to using the same mobile phone company for a longtime, you could setup a pre-authorized arrangement through your Fido online account access. The advantages of this method is that you wouldn't have to worry about missed payment or bills not received. Every month by the end of your billing cycle, Fido will automatically charge your credit card or bank account with the balance due for that month.

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Watch video on "Learn about the Fido Online Bill and make your life a lot easier to manage your phone monthly bills":

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