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Is it healthy to eat fast food everyday such as Macdonald burgers, Kentucky fried chicken, Pizza Pizza and other fast food?

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Living a healthy lifestyle when it comes to good food, is hard in Canada because there are so many fast food and restaurants serving good and delicious food, that i can't help but eat out often. I do admit that i am not a good cook at all and unfortunately i do not have anyone in my rented space that does know good cooking. At the most, i know how to cook rice with rice cooker, boil eggs or fry eggs, make sandwiches and that is about all. I have heard that some people actually died due to eating out often and that started to scare me even more now.

When i used to stay at my parents place, my Mum used to do the cooking and i was used to eating home food. But after i moved out with some room mates, i had to resort to eating out at restaurants or fast food. Fast food are cheaper and they don't cost me an arm or leg but even then, a lot of my income goes to eating out. I had thought about cooking food for myself but i can be lazy after a hard day's work at my job. I do not want to die of diseases or other problems due to eating outside food often.
asked in Winnipeg by Adam Hunt (153 points)

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3 Answers

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Eating fast food everyday is not a healthy options because in the long run, these foods could potentially cause cancer or other health problems. Fast foods are prepared in such a way that it taste great to eat and they used a lot of flavours and other good tasting but harmful ingredients for our body. For example, I am sure you must have had this feeling of extreme thirst after eating hamburger and also drinking one whole large size soft drinks. This is because soft drinks do not quench your thirst and the hamburgers contains tasty ingredients that makes you thirsty and long for soft drinks alongside.

Eating food prepared from home is the best food you can eat because you yourself or your family members wouldn't put all those ingredients that restaurants would put on the food. You know your food is prepared clean and handled in the proper way and always try to drink plain water instead of drinking beer or soft drinks or any other kind of drinks. Only water can actually quench your thirst. I have known people who developed stomach or liver cancer due to eating out often. I can't blame them because it is their lifestyle circumstances that caused them to eat outside food. They don't have anyone to cook for them and they themselves can't cook. But if you do have someone to cook for you or you can cook yourself, try to eat home if you want to live a longer healthy life.

Fast food

answered by Carol Liu (165 points)
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Watch video on "Some of the fast food restaurants and their food calorie count could make you think twice before eating":

answered by Fast Food Chains
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Watch video on "The truth about what happens to your body when you consume too much Fast Food daily":

answered by Fast Food Daily

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