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When should a person start taking insulin pen injection for controlling severe diabetes?

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A friend of mine had been battling diabetes for a very long time since her forties. Currently she is taking oral medication and pills to control the blood sugar level in her body and she is getting mixed result. Sometimes she would be within the healthy range and sometimes she would be in the danger zone level where she was supposed to drop down or faint due to extreme level of sugar in her blood. However, so far she hasn't blacked out or go into coma due to high levels of sugar in her blood. She does exercise whenever she felt like it, otherwise other times, she is mostly inactive and she likes consuming sweet stuff as well. Though she had reduced her intake of sweet foods, once in a while she gets craving for sweet stuff and she indulge in it without letting any one of us know about it. I am quite concerned about her health and i feel that sooner or later she could go into a coma or faintness.
asked in Edmundston by Adam Hunt (153 points)

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2 Answers

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You should always consult your diabetes specialist before you make any changes to the way your diabetes is being treated. In order to know when it is time to start taking the insulin pen injection, you would know that your blood sugar level isn't staying within the safe normal zone, in spite of all the oral medication you are taking. Even with the addition of regular exercise, if you find that your blood sugar level is still not improving, then you know the signal. Prolonged high blood sugar could cause a person to lose their eyesight, cracked skin on their feet which could eventually lead to cutting off their feet. I have seen cases where a diabetic person could not stop his minor bleeding from his fingers due to high level of sugar in his blood. Unknown to the diabetic patient, every day the person's blood sugar is not controlled, his organs would slowly start to get bad without any signs or warnings. When that person starts to feel the symptoms, it would have been too late already and death will be imminent. 

Some people are afraid of the idea of having to take insulin pen injection because they heard that they will have to depend on it for the rest of their life. But those people do not understand that without the help of a pen insulin injection, they will not survive long. High blood glucose is a silent killer and very often people die quickly before they even realized it. There is no shame or shyness in taking the insulin pen injection. It doesn't hurt at all and it feels like a small pinch by a young kid. If you want to live long and continue to be able to eat healthy, you must accept the idea that your body needs the pen insulin injection. Be careful though that the used nano injection needle should be placed in a big containers which most pharmacy would provide for you and once that container is full, you will need to give it back to the pharmacy store for safe disposal. The pharmacy do not charge money for giving you the containers or collecting it for disposals.

Insulin Pen Injection

answered by Carol Liu (165 points)
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Watch video on "How to use an Insulin Injection Pen to inject yourself, with the required insulin to control your diabetes":

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