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Is medical Marijuana already legal in Canada? Can Canadians grow their own Marijuana?

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United States of America had already legalised Medicinal Marijuana in some states across the country but has Canada taken that path yet? I know it may seem weird to legalise such plants but there are people whose lives and survival depends on the plant. Once I read a documentary about how much people with illness depends on the plant to temporarily stop their pain while suffering from some illness.
asked in Labrador City by Lourdes Wray (138 points)

1 Answer

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Marijuana is not yet legal in Canada but it is in the process of being debated by the politicians. It will take some years before any law will be passed making it legal. Marijuana being made legal is actually good to curb the black market that are flourishing in Canada. The quality of medical Marijuana will be better than the ones often found in the black market. Also the prices charged by the black market dealers are obviously high due to the high demand of it and the lack of supply for it. And because of the black market trades in Marijuana, it often leads to violence between gang members over turfs and share of profits. Once Marijuana is legalised, a lot of the crimes associated with selling the drugs will reduce as well.
answered by Chloe Liang (124 points)