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Is it better to go to a private car mechanic garage or to a car dealer service for repairing my Dodge Caravan 2005?

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Often at times, when My Dodge Caravan needs servicing i become double minded as to which place should i take my van for service - Dodge dealer car service or Private mechanic garage. The dodge caravan service department had offered me the free regular oil change service every three months, but i feel they aren't being honest with me every time i go to them for regular service. They do suggest and recommend that my dodge caravan undergo different service such as brake flush, steering flush, this and that, Etc. After which they give me the bill and i was surprised to find my bill so high each time i went every three months or so. It was because i trusted them that i did whatever service they recommended, and i paid for the bill silently thinking that it was for the good of my dodge caravan. Some of my friends told me that i needn't go to the car dealer for car services, instead i could go to some private mechanics and they do an equally good job but for much cheaper price.

Dodge Caravan 2005

asked in Winnipeg by Sireen Amari (122 points)

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2 Answers

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The car dealer such as Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Acura, Lexus, Honda doesn't make much money from selling cars, instead they make their money mostly from services and parts department. They create an impression that people should go to their service and parts centre for car repairs and services because only they can provide the best services and parts ever. It is kinda true that only they can provide the original parts because their company manufactures them. But you should know too that there are after market parts which are almost equally as good as he original parts, maybe slightly less long lasting than the original parts. These after market car parts are much cheaper than the original dealer car parts and they can be easily installed by private mechanics.

The car dealers would recommend a lot of other car services such as brake flush, steering flush, and many other services which your car actually doesn't really need at this time. Your car would need these services but at a later date. However the car dealer would try to push these services requirements to you when you take your car for regular oil change. If you go to a private mechanic right after the car dealer gives you a quote for such services you will find half of those services are not required and the remaining services you can get them for much cheaper price at the private mechanic garage. There are certain car parts which the private mechanic are unable to get from after market parts shop, so in that case you will need to get them from the original car dealer and have your private mechanic install them for you. Try not to have the car dealer service department install for you after you buy the parts because car dealership charges high labour cost for simple jobs.
answered by Feng Kang (209 points)
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Watch video on "Why is it going to a dealership for car repairs can cost you a lot more than if you take it to a private mechanic repair shop":

answered by Car mechanic repairs

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