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In Toronto, where do we call for garbage bins issues or problems?

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Since i recently got my new house in Toronto, i was trying to figure out how i could upgrade my garbage bin to a bigger size. The previous owner left behind a green bin, Blue bin and the Gray bin. In fact i need to upgrade both my Blue bin and Garbage bin. I believe the Blue bin is for recycle items and the gray bin is for other garbage stuff. Also where can i ask for a garbage bin collection calendar which tells us when and what day of the week the garbage truck would come by to collect the trash. I have seen those calendars while visiting some people in their houses.

Toronto Garbage Bins

asked in City of Toronto by Cheryl King (169 points)

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2 Answers

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The previous owner of your house should be having the current calendar which shows you the collection date for different garbage bins but if somehow the previous owner didn't leave behind a calendar, then you can simply call "311" in Toronto and ask them for the calendar. You can also ask them to upgrade your grey bins or blue bins to a bigger size, if you feel your family needs a bigger bins. Upgrading blue bins to larger size is usually free because blue bins is for recycle items and the city loves to get your recycle items which they can recycle and sell back to the market for cheaper price or for converting to other recycled products.

There is an extra charge for upgrading grey garbage bins to larger sizes in Toronto. The green bin comes in one size and cannot be upgraded or downgraded in size. In case you didn't know, green bins is for organic garbage such as your kitchen waste, baby diapers, hairs dust and other perishable garbage. The grey bins are for other stuff which cannot be put in either the recycle blue bin or the organic green bin. If you have back yard waste such as broken branches, twigs, dried leaves, you shouldn't throw them into any of the three garbage bins such as green, blue or grey bins. Instead you need to put them into a brown paper bag which you can get from home hardware stores like home depot, lowes, canadiantire, walmart, Rona.

Home Depot Brown Paper Bag

answered by Feng Kang (209 points)
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Watch video on "How raccoons raided the green bins in Toronto and what kind of new Raccoon proof green bins were issued to all Toronto House Residents":

answered by Raccoon Proof Green Bin

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