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How to improve the relationship between a husband and wife?

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This is not a case or question about myself having difficulty with my wife, i am not even married yet. But it is about a friend of mine who is constantly having problem with his wife and they both have heated arguments once in a while. Some of their arguments get so heated up that the wife threatened to leave the couple's house and take the kids away to her parent's home. The topic of divorce did came up several times between them but they never seemed to seriously mean divorcing each other. They actually patch up with each other after each arguments but they burst out again just as fast as they cooled down. The husband actually did one time said to the wife that he can easily marry another woman if she goes away because he has money and any girls would want to be with him. The husband sometimes ask me what i think of their problems and i usually tell them i feel confused by their relationship and that i myself am quite inexperienced to handle the problem if it comes to being me and my future would-be wife.

Couples Arguments

asked in Thompson by Richard Powell (168 points)

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2 Answers

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If a husband and wife wants their relationship to flourish, then either one of them have to step back when in an argument. But if both the husband and wife are of the same aggressive nature and are not willing to back down, then it will be a big problem. Both partners should not call each other bad names or insulting names because that will only inflame the situation. Instead, both partner need to simply keep silent and postpone the heated discussion or arguments for another day. A couple's relationship should exist as a give and take nature which means that a husband or wife cannot have all the say and the other partner has no say at all. If one partner takes one thing then he or she has to sacrifice other things for the other partner. It is impossible for any couples to agree on everything together but at least they should agree on one thing or the other.
answered by Erin Leonard (143 points)
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Watch video on "Some of the ways you could improve your relationship with your spouse if you just try hard enough":

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