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How do i know if a girl is attracted to me or not? Is it simply just an Infatuation?

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There are girls who seemed attracted to me when in fact they are not, i guess they are just being polite out of kindness and they didn't want to leave a bad impression of themselves. Then there are the other girls who doesn't seem interested or attracted to me but maybe they are really feeling so, inside of them. What is the secret of knowing the actual truth? It is not polite or inappropriate to simply ask a girl if she likes me or not. Perhaps it could just be a temporary infatuation when we meet each other by chance or they could actually be a real chemistry about to be discovered. Whatever the reason i believe that opportunities knock few times when it comes to relationship and those opportunities should not be allowed to slip by. I need advice from some people who had been through such feelings and have had experience dealing with potential pitfalls to look out for. 

Love attraction

asked in Thompson by Richard Powell (168 points)

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2 Answers

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If you catch a girl starting at you often in an admiring way and not in a weird way, she might be interested in you. And if you look back at her and she shy away pretending that she wasn't looking at you, then she might be interested in you. Some girls simply admires a person for their looks and personality but without any intentions of getting to know you. Who knows probably that girl had been hurt in the past and she just wasn't ready to go into another relationship with another man.

You can start by making an excuse to talk to her if you get a chance. Usually within the first conversation you would come to know if she is interested in you. If you detect a hint of boredom in her way of talking with you, then you know that she is not for you. At least she can't be your partner in life if she is behaving like this within the first few conversation. If she wants to know more about you and seems to be interested in everything that you are saying and she in return is willing to share everything about her honestly with you about her past, then there is a good chance of getting along for the both of you. Most important thing in a couple should be the free flow of communication and information between them. Lack of communication and mistrust will spell trouble for the couple. Remember, choosing a partner is for life and not for a few months or few years. If you two can't have a good conversation every time you two meet up, then how will the both of you go through life together as a team without proper communication between the two of you.
answered by Orlando Berg (156 points)
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Watch video on "Some of the signs that a girl is attracted to you and how you should read the signs and take actions":

answered by Strong attractions

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