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Which is the best vehicle brand tires to buy and what type of tires is best suited for driving in Canada?

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With so many company selling tires in Canada, it can be hard to decide which type and which brand of car tires to buy for my car. I had been using the original "Good Year" tires that came with the car but there are getting worn out pretty bad and needs new sets of tires. The thread level on the tire had gone quite thin and it is getting quite bald on the sides as well. I wanted to try another brand tires instead of buying "Good Year" tires because I am a person who likes to try out new things and new brands. I know a lot of people would be comfortable to continue using the same old brands or company but I like new things.
asked in Iqaluit by Tom Hodo (165 points)

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2 Answers

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Michelin tires truly lives up to its name and quality. Their tires price are quite reasonable and they last a lot longer than other brands. You won't need a winter tire depending on where you live. For a place like Toronto and Vancouver, the all season tires works just as good during the winter snow. Often Michelin has promotion where you will get rebate in mail which means after buying your car tires, you can mail in your bills and then you will get a cheque of about $70 in return. They also offer free tire rotation every 10,000 Km or every one year. Active Green and Ross sells many other brands of tires as well.
answered by George Toby (156 points)
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Watch video on "Winter tires VS All season tires tested - Which one should your car have to keep you safe in the winter? It is all about safety"

answered by Ronaldo

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