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How to clean bathtub without scrubbing with a hard sponge or a brush?

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It is true that people say to clean a bathtub properly, one must use hard sponge or brush to clean those black moles or water stains. I feel really lazy to have to bend down to scrub the bathtub all over and i have used some general purpose cleaner from grocery stores but the results are not very satisfying. I have a shower curtain too which gets quite dirty with black moles stuck on it and i know for sure it will take a long time to clean those with brushes and sponges. Besides, these soap scum, grimes and dirt comes back easily within a month which is quite annoying. I would like a liquid product which does the job of cleaning without me having to scrub and brush the bathtub or the shower curtain.

Dirty Bathtub

asked in Edmundston by Roxanne Ng (160 points)

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2 Answers

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You need to use a product called Scrubbing Bubbles which contains some bleach, to easily clean your bathtub. All you have to do is to spray some of the liquid onto the dirty surface where the mildew and mole is on the bathtub and you don't need to use a hard brush to scrub. You should let the liquid stay on the bathtub or even on the shower curtain for half an hour at least. Then you use some water to rinse off the liquid. You might have to spray some more of the scrubbing bubbles liquid on the bathtub or the shower curtain if the mildew and the soap scums are very thick. Always remember to rinse of the liquid after sometime. Since this liquid contains bleach in it, you must turned on your bathroom exhaust fan or let the bathroom door be wide open for the bleach smell to escape. Inhaling bleach odor for too long is not good for your health and so it is recommended to have the exhaust fan turned on while using this cleaning liquid. If the liquid gets into your eyes somehow, it may cause irritation and you must use water to rinse off the liquid from your eyes immediately. Wearing gloves while handling this liquid is suggested, just the same way as you would handle other cleaning liquid products as well.

Scrubbing Bubbles

answered by Orlando Berg (156 points)
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